A Big Ol’ Monthly Roundup

April and May came and went, and I’m sitting here thinking how the heck is it already June?! Fortunately I can say I actually did things the last two months so they weren’t just withered away binge-watching Netflix, which is more than I can say for those winter months…

Like I said in my previous post, one of my goals for April was to start running consistently. Well, I started running and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to stick to a schedule and do it regularly each week. This may not seem like such a big deal, but it is for this girl. I was worried I would start wheezing and coughing up a fit like every other time I tried to run, but thankfully I’ve been fine! Seems like that surgery is paying off after all!

Also in April news, D graduated Ranger School! This was a big, exciting accomplishment. He likes to act like this was no big deal, but it’s huge. He also got his airborne wings in May, so that was another accomplishment checked off his list, and I am so so proud of him.

I made my way down to Portland in May for a weekend. It was…honestly super weird. I know that’s Portland’s claim to fame/thing, but I really was not expecting it to be as weird as it is. I’m not entirely sure what I had expected, but it caught me off guard. I think it came down to how empty it seemed. It felt like there weren’t any people around us, and we were staying in the middle of Downtown Portland! Aside from that though, I did enjoy the few touristy things there are to do there. This list is great if you’re planning a trip to Portland any time soon. I recommend Voodoo Doughnuts. It is popular and busy but the lines aren’t as bad as you’d expect. Also, the tax-free shopping doesn’t hurt either. I also really enjoyed all the food trucks everywhere. That was pretty cool. Overall, I probably won’t be going back to Portland anytime soon, but it was a nice experience.

I surprised my family and went home for Mother’s Day, and the look on both my parents’ faces when they saw me was priceless. Unfortunately I was only there for 36 hours, so it was a quick trip, but it was still great to see my crazy loud family and spend some time together. Traveling back and forth across the country is not easy, and with my dearly beloved boyfriend staying in Georgia longer than the Army first said he would, it’s safe to say I’ll be racking up those frequent flier miles in the next few months; starting with next weekend when I travel to GA for D’s birthday! Woohoo!

And for the last bit of news, I’m excited (and slightly terrified) to share that this week I completed my first week of graduate school! Going back to school has always been on my mind since graduating two years ago. For a while, I just gave up on it and figured it wouldn’t happen or be a good option for me, but thankfully I have an amazing boyfriend and great friends who encouraged me to pursue my goals and take the leap of faith. So I did! The program is completely online, which fits in with my lifestyle, work and commute schedule. The first week was challenging, and I know it’ll only get hard during the next 10 weeks, but I am thrilled to be starting on this new chapter in my life. That’s going to be taking up most of my life now to say the least!



Yup, I was homeschooled

A conversation with two of my coworkers yesterday made me realize how grateful I am that my parents decided to homeschool my sisters and I for our high school years. When the Catholic school I was attending during middle school closed after I finished the 7th grade (due to lack of students), there were two choices: attend another Catholic school in the area (that was overcrowded) where most of my classmates were going, or homeschool, like my older sister Jenny was. After much consideration, my sister Ana and I, who was in the same class as me, chose to be homeschooled. And it was one the best decisions of my life.  The first year, 8th grade, was the most difficult. Getting into the swing of things took some time. Actually, it took the entire year! By the time we started high school though, we were already adjusted and used to it. Long story short, 5 years later we were a part of the graduation ceremony in Virginia held by the program we studied through. Its been three years since we graduated in May of 2010. A lot has happened since then, of course, and definitely a lot that I never planned.

However, all through high school and even now, whenever I tell someone that I was homeschooled, almost everyone says the same thing: “Really? You don’t seem like you were home schooled” What? Why? What does that even mean?! I guess this is because of the stereotypes that exists about homeschoolers, which I should point out are completely ridiculous. Sure, there are probably some homeschooled kids who actually really do live up to the stereotype, but not all of us do!

Another famous question my sisters and I were asked was, “Do you have any friends?” Yes! Plenty! Friends from youth group, most of which are still my best friends to this day. And last but not least, my favorite question of them all “Don’t you feel like you’re missing out on the real high school experience?” Drum roll please…No, I don’t feel like I missed out on the real high school experience. What did I miss out on? Heartbreak? Betrayal from close friends? I don’t mean all high school is the same for everyone. I’m sure for some people, its a wonderful time, but personally, I don’t think I missed out on much. 

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, of course. It takes determination and lots of discipline. I’m grateful I did it though. How else would I have been able to live in Puerto Rico for two months while continuing my high school education at the same time?