A Big Ol’ Monthly Roundup

April and May came and went, and I’m sitting here thinking how the heck is it already June?! Fortunately I can say I actually did things the last two months so they weren’t just withered away binge-watching Netflix, which is more than I can say for those winter months…

Like I said in my previous post, one of my goals for April was to start running consistently. Well, I started running and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to stick to a schedule and do it regularly each week. This may not seem like such a big deal, but it is for this girl. I was worried I would start wheezing and coughing up a fit like every other time I tried to run, but thankfully I’ve been fine! Seems like that surgery is paying off after all!

Also in April news, D graduated Ranger School! This was a big, exciting accomplishment. He likes to act like this was no big deal, but it’s huge. He also got his airborne wings in May, so that was another accomplishment checked off his list, and I am so so proud of him.

I made my way down to Portland in May for a weekend. It was…honestly super weird. I know that’s Portland’s claim to fame/thing, but I really was not expecting it to be as weird as it is. I’m not entirely sure what I had expected, but it caught me off guard. I think it came down to how empty it seemed. It felt like there weren’t any people around us, and we were staying in the middle of Downtown Portland! Aside from that though, I did enjoy the few touristy things there are to do there. This list is great if you’re planning a trip to Portland any time soon. I recommend Voodoo Doughnuts. It is popular and busy but the lines aren’t as bad as you’d expect. Also, the tax-free shopping doesn’t hurt either. I also really enjoyed all the food trucks everywhere. That was pretty cool. Overall, I probably won’t be going back to Portland anytime soon, but it was a nice experience.

I surprised my family and went home for Mother’s Day, and the look on both my parents’ faces when they saw me was priceless. Unfortunately I was only there for 36 hours, so it was a quick trip, but it was still great to see my crazy loud family and spend some time together. Traveling back and forth across the country is not easy, and with my dearly beloved boyfriend staying in Georgia longer than the Army first said he would, it’s safe to say I’ll be racking up those frequent flier miles in the next few months; starting with next weekend when I travel to GA for D’s birthday! Woohoo!

And for the last bit of news, I’m excited (and slightly terrified) to share that this week I completed my first week of graduate school! Going back to school has always been on my mind since graduating two years ago. For a while, I just gave up on it and figured it wouldn’t happen or be a good option for me, but thankfully I have an amazing boyfriend and great friends who encouraged me to pursue my goals and take the leap of faith. So I did! The program is completely online, which fits in with my lifestyle, work and commute schedule. The first week was challenging, and I know it’ll only get hard during the next 10 weeks, but I am thrilled to be starting on this new chapter in my life. That’s going to be taking up most of my life now to say the least!



March; Looking Back and Ahead

Happy April!

A week or two ago, I decided to start a new monthly theme highlighting the favorite or important moments from the previous month, but also a few notable things that I’m looking forward to in the new month. It’s pretty basic, really and not anything particularly special, but I think it’d be a fun way to remember the little/big things that happen each month. So here we are, starting with March!

Take it back now, y’all:

  • Ed Sheeran’s released a new album and IT IS AMAZING!! I was admittedly a little thrown off when I first heard the album; I wasn’t really sure what I had expected from him, especially after the success of his second album a few years ago, but after giving it a good listen (shout out to my long commute to work and Seattle traffic for giving me time to listen to an entire album), I was blown away. Needless to say, it’s been on repeat all month and will be for a while. And I got tickets to his concert in July, so I’m pretty stoked about that!
  • My sister came all the way from New York to visit me for a week! It was so good having her here with me. I knew she would love it, because really what’s not to love. We didn’t get to do too many things since I had surgery and she was here to take care of me during my time of incapacitation, but it made me incredibly happy to have someone from my family finally come and see what it’s like out here.
  • Speaking of surgery, I had sinus surgery last Monday to remove nasal polyps and fix my deviated septum. I’ve had issues with allergies and my sinuses for years, but recently they got so bad I could barely breathe, especially at night when I would be kept awake just coughing all night. It also made doing regular things like going for a run or laughing too much a bit of a hassle. The running part I didn’t mind so much since it gave me an excuse to avoid going on a run with Dalton, but it was pretty embarrassing when I would start coughing if I laughed too much. But after this surgery, I’m hoping most of those issues I had will be gone. I’m still currently in recovery and will be for a few weeks, but I feel rather hopeful. It’s been a long struggle.
  • Dalton passed the first phase of Ranger School this month! He’s 1/3 through at this point, though we find out this week if he passed the 2nd phase or not. We can only communicate through letters during this time, so that’s been a bit of a struggle, and my emotions have been all over the place, to say the least, but I know whatever I’m feeling, he’s going through much worse. I seriously cannot wait for it to be over.
  • I gave up shopping and drinking for wine because those are my biggest vices and for the most part it hasn’t been too bad! I will admit I kind of regretted giving up drinking when I realized how much I missed Dalton, but then again it was probably in my best interest that I did give it up. (wow I sound like I have all kinds of issues). I don’t need wine to cope, but it sure is nice to have a glass after a stressful week at work. I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday in a few weeks 😛

Looking Ahead:

  • I honestly cannot believe I’m even writing this right now, but one thing I’m looking forward to is being able to start working out again after getting the okay from my doctor. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I couldn’t do it at all. Now I don’t want to make it seem like I work out everyday, because I definitely do not, but I do a few times a week. I’d also like to test out my new and improved sinuses and see if I can actually run now. That might be pushing it, but I’ll report back at the end of the month!
  • Tulip Season has arrived! I will hopefully be going to Skagit Valley to see the tulip fields. It’s apparently a big deal around here, so I’m looking forward to that.
  • If Dalton passes the next two phases, I’ll be going down to Georgia for his graduation. I can’t tell you how anxious and excited and nervous I am all at once. Here’s hoping and praying he passes; I miss him so much.
  • I recently purchased a pile of books that I put in a corner and promptly forgot about. I have a bit more time on my hands lately, so my hope for April is to at least finish two books. That might be expecting too much of myself, especially given my reading track record lately, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I’m excited for April and have a feeling it’s going to fly by. Hopefully it’s a good one.

Life Has A Sense of Humor

Just when I think I know exactly where my life is headed, I’m reminded that I really don’t know what is going to happen. I can make plans, ask for prayers for a certain intention, work hard to achieve my goal, but sometimes, some things I might want for myself are just not what I need.

Dealing with disappointments is not my thing; I would much rather ignore them and pretend it didn’t happen, just to save a little face. I usually just cry myself to sleep instead. I like to tell myself that it works, but denial isn’t going to get me anywhere, unfortunately. And when it’s someone else’s disappointment and I have to offer emotional support? Sweet baby Jesus, can I just lock myself in the bathroom till it goes away?! Okay, not really. It’s just hard to figure out what the right thing to say is, and to be the support that person needs at this particular moment of their lives.

There are some sayings and advice I’ve heard a lot over these few weeks. “This is a blessing in disguise” “Everything happens for a reason” “God has a plan” And I know all these people are right. It sucks, but “time heals all wounds”, right? I sure hope so. Good thing is that J and I have each other to lean on, during the good times and the bad. We’ll get through this together.

Counting down the days

21 days. Three weeks. That’s the amount of time left before J ships off to basic training. I knew this time was coming and now that it is almost here, I feel eerily calm. Sometimes, when I let my thoughts run wild, I freak myself out but I want to believe that I’m fine with it all. Honestly, I want the day to come already. The anticipation and talk of it all can be so overwhelming at times. I know it is going to be very difficult when he leaves, but I’ve been (trying!) to mental prepare myself for it. I’m imagining how it will feel when he’s actually gone but I guess I won’t know what that feels like until he’s shipped off.

And it is oh so scary. I know we’ll be okay, and I’m not worried about our relationship or anything like that, but I think what I’m scared about it starting this new chapter in our lives. His departure affects both of our lives in different ways, and we will have to deal with all the change while we’re apart. We won’t see each other or speak as often as we do now, but I’d like to think that somehow, that will make us stronger. At least I hope and pray that it does.

One thing I do know is that we will be fine. We won’t be in the same state anymore, and we won’t be able to talk everyday or even every week, but we’ve had these wonderful 10 months that we’ve been dating. We have beautiful memories together. Every moment spent together has been special to us, especially since we knew the day for him to leave would be coming soon enough. So after 10 months of getting to know each other, making memories and falling in love, what will a few months without seeing each other be?
Difficult. Painful. Lonely. But worth it.

I Can Hear The Bells


June 10, 2013. You know what that means? Only 5 days left until June 15th, which means only 5 days left until my dear sister’s wedding. I can still hear Jenny excited saying, “Only 397 days left till my wedding!” (She had an app that told her that. She didn’t count the days down herself. If she did, I would’ve checked her in to an insane asylum myself).

So much planning and preparing has been done to make sure that her big day is perfect. Although I have not done as much to help as I would’ve liked, which I am blaming on my “super busy” schedule and my total lack of creativity in the DIY wedding field, its going to be really weird when this wedding is finally over. What is the family going to discuss during dinner next? What will we be doing every weekend in our house upstate? (Hah, kidding. I know for a fact that Mom will find something that needs to get done, like always.)

But this wedding is more than just a wedding. This wedding is the beginning step in Jenny and Jaime’s journey towards marriage. The wedding may be over on June 15th at 7 pm, but their marriage is just starting. While a lot of preparing has been done for the actual wedding day, Jenny and Jaime have prepared for marriage itself in a way that is, nowadays especially, unique and special. Actually, they’ve prepared in the way that every couple planning their wedding should. Its not about the wedding, its about what comes after the wedding. Its been a rough road for them to get to where they are now, long distance relationship and all. They’ve had to be patient and things may not have always gone the way they wanted them to, but together, they endured the hardships and through prayer and trust in one another, they were able to get to where they are now. Because of this, I admire them both so much.

I must admit, I was a bit pessimistic about their relationship from the start, but they have honestly proved me wrong about it all, for which I am very grateful. Seeing how happy Jenny is with Jaime is one of the greatest things ever. I know now that she has truly met her soulmate, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to take care of my super annoying, I-Want-To-Shove-You-Against-The Wall-Yet-I-Can’t-Imagine-Life-Without-You big sister.

I’m excited for Saturday. Its going to be a beautiful wedding, and hopefully, the weather will be beautiful, as well. Jenny deserves it.