And now for a Super Exciting, Nerve-wracking Life Update

Last time I wrote about my complacency in life and how I wanted to make some changes in my career/ life in general. Well, I’m happy to finally be able to say that…I got a new job and I’m moving to Washington! State, not DC. I always have to clarify that after my little announcement. That’s usually followed by the person saying something along the lines of “Washington State? But that’s SO far! And doesn’t it always rain over there?” I kid you not when I say I hear that every time.

This is a big deal for me. I’ve lived at home or with family in one way or another all my life. I’ve never been away from the comfort and security of family, so packing up and moving across the country is huge. It’s also a big deal for my family, and though I know they’re having a hard time with me moving away, they’re being supportive, which is amazing and I am so grateful to them for that.

I leave New York in 12 days. I gave my two weeks notice at my job last week, and my car is getting picked up and shipped out to Washington today. How the heck I managed to pack up everything in my room in 4 days is honestly beyond me. It is all happening so quickly, and I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, the reality of the move and just everything that comes with it. But I am so excited, despite how nervous and anxious I am as well. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. I have a lot to do within the next few days, mostly spending quality time with my family and friends. Now that the packing is out of the way I can focus on that, which is great.

There is going to be some major adjusting to do once I get to Seattle, and let’s not even talk about all the things I’m going to miss from NYC. Seriously let’s not do that, I might start crying again. Yet despite all the feelings that go along with this, I’m relieved and proud of myself for taking this risk and giving myself a chance to do something different. I don’t know how this is going to work out, or if it even will work out at all, but I know that if I didn’t take this opportunity while I had the chance to, I would regret it forever.

So here’s to trying something new and different, and to taking chances.


Ever-So-Temporary Model Status

Friends are great for so many different reasons. Each one has a talent (or talents), and sometimes, these talents need some fine-tuning, some practicing. That’s where the true value of friendship comes in- when you can somehow help a friend perfect their talent, whether it’s by letting them try out a new hairstyle on you (or cutting your hair, even…that takes some serious trust!) or by posing for their photography portfolio. I’ve done both, and I love being able to do so. There’s a certain feeling that comes along with helping someone work on their passion. It’s like you’re making them stronger, closer to what they want to be, and that is awesome!

Yesterday, I posed for my good friend and amazing photographer, Becca. She’s also an amazing artist. Seriously, her work blows me away! We’ve done photo shoots before, in all the seasons except summer, so we decided to do a summer photo shoot but with a different vibe than usual this time. All our previous photo shoots were kind of “happy, go-lucky”-like. This time, we wanted to be more artsy and try something new. So we did! Instead of shooting in her yard, we grabbed a wooden bar seat and went to an open field in her neighborhood. The focus wasn’t so much on smiling, but on other expressions.


It was a bit hard to stay focused and not laugh all the time at how silly I felt striking all those poses, but it was so much fun to try something new. I felt like a real-deal model. And I am really impressed with how the pictures turned out! 

Fun fact 1: I always straighten my hair because I could never really deal with managing my natural curly hair, but I’ve finally decided to stop fighting nature and just embrace it, and I’m so glad I did. I feel a lot more confident with my hair, and I’m always getting compliments on it now, which is a nice bonus, hehe 🙂

Fun fact 2: Becca is my boyfriend’s sister. It’s always nice to have a super talented photographer in the family 😉


My 21st birthday!

You are probably expecting this to be a post about a typical 20-year-old getting completely wasted on her 21st birthday. But…it isn’t! Why? Because I didn’t get drunk.

I didn’t even drink. At. All.

I was going to, of course. J had gotten a few bottles to bring to my parents house upstate, but naturally, he forgot them at his house. We could’ve gone to the liquor store that’s not just 20 minutes from the house but laziness got the best of us.

We drove to the house upstate late on Friday night, and spent the day exploring Albany (got one thing done from our bucket list, yay!) By the time we drove back to the house, we were exhausted and just didn’t feel like driving anymore, so I decided I didn’t need alcohol. Not like I haven’t had a drink before, anyway. We spent Saturday night roasting sausages and marshmallows over a campfire in the back with my sister, and it was awesome. Sunday night, the day of my birthday, my family had dinner with J’s family. Seeing both families together always makes me feel gushy and extremely grateful that they get along so well! (whew, what a relief!)

I’ve been looking forward to being 21 for as long as I could remember. It just seemed like the age when I’d finally be free, or something. I thought I’d be out with my girls, celebrating. I never thought I’d be in a serious relationship on my 21st birthday, so that kind of changed my idea of things. And two of my best friends are living in other states now, so that didn’t help either.

But while the plans my 16-year-old self thought of for my 21st birthday did not happen, I still had a wonderful day. It was simple and relaxing, and fortunately, I remember it all! Bonus, I didn’t have to take off from work today to nurse a hangover. I’d say that alone makes it a good thing.

Empire State Plaza in Albany!
Empire State Plaza in Albany!
Flowers from my parents, picked fresh from their garden!
Flowers from my parents, picked fresh from their garden!
I am totally in love with my dress from Zara
I am totally in love with my dress from Zara