Au Revoir, August. Bonjour, September

While the rest of the summer was considerably dull for me this year, I’m happy to say that the month of August was not so bad. In fact, so much happened this month that I can’t believe it’s already over. This last week of August was my favorite. I celebrated my 22nd birthday, took two days off from work to go to Washington, D.C. and spent the weekend upstate with my sisters and nephews.

On Monday, my birthday, I went to work as usual, had dinner with the family (Mom made lasagna, my birthday request, as is our tradition), went to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream with two of my cousins, and saw Finding Nemo at the park with my brother, his wife, four of their five sons, my sister and her husband and baby. It was kind of awesome, especially the movie at the park. We could see the 59th street bridge in the background, and it was nice to see so many people gathered together. It was so community-like, which was so foreign to me. I didn’t even know they did things like that in the city! But I definitely enjoyed it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent driving to and from New York and D.C. I love it there. I’ve been there on multiple occasions, but I always had a reason to be there, and never really had the chance to be a tourist. This time though, I was taking total advantage of my tourist status and enjoying all the sights. Walking around the Capitol at night was one of my favorite moments- especially when we found a small garden with a fountain. It was completely deserted and so beautiful. You could see the Capitol building right behind it- it was super romantic, and I couldn’t help but think how great that spot would be for a proposal/engagement. I am such a girl. I also really enjoyed the zoo and museums. The fact that they were free didn’t hurt either. Free? I’m there! I also had to take a selfie with the Lincoln Memorial; it was my most “touristy” moment.

Fact: It seems like every person in Washington, D.C. is a runner. Like every one was running. It was cool.

This weekend was spent at my parents’ house upstate. My sisters and I drove to Albany with our nephews and spent the day in the New York State Museum. My brother-in-law had never been there before, so naturally we had to introduce him to our family’s favorite museum. It’s a tradition by now. I love it, and it never gets old. It was a great day.

So as far as August goes, I’m kind of sad to see it go, because that means my sister and her husband will be returning to Spain in 3 days and taking my adorable nephew with them. The best part of the entire summer was being able to spend two months with RJ. He really is the most adorable baby of all, but I’ll write another post about him another time. (He’s laying down next to me on my bed right now as I write this, giggling at the ceiling. Such a little distraction!)

And now that September is here, I’m looking forward to the Fall, the best season of all. The next few months are going to a challenge as I adjust to life’s latest curveball, but I am looking forward to it. Also, pumpkin everything season is back, so that is kind of awesome. 


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