17 Years Late

I remember watching the movie in Summer camp when it first came out. It was interesting. I liked it, so I borrowed the book from the library, brought it home and sat down to read it. For some reason my 9 year old brain just could not get into it. So I wrote it off as a book that was not for me.

Six years later, the mom of the little boy I babysat at the time made me take the book home and give it another chance. She could not believe that I did not like it. She couldn’t understand that. So I did. I took it home, and gave it another chance. But again, I didn’t get past the 4th chapter.

Here we are again, another six years later, and I have finally, totally given the Harry Potter series a real chance. And I am so disappointed in myself for waiting so long to do so. My coworker/ office bestie, Liz, has been nagging me for months to “just read the first book, trust me”. When I realized I could borrow the book for free on my kindle (thanks, prime membership!), I figured why not. So I downloaded the book to read during my commute to work. I read it in three days. I was so hooked, I could not wait to start on the next one. I was a little bummed out when I realized I could only borrow one book for free a month (darn you, prime membership!), so I waited a few days for July 1st and borrowed the second book for free (take that, Amazon!) Read that in a few days, too. And now I’m half way through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I watched all the movies about three years ago, but I don’t really remember much. The excitement of what is going to happen next is still there, fortunately! Honestly, I never thought I would so into these books. I am obsessed. It’s a little ridiculous, to be honest, but I’m so glad I listened to Liz and picked the first book up again. Sure, I’ve waited a long time to join the Harry Potter fandom, if you will, but hey, better late than never, right? 

Also, I’d like to take this moment to point out how much I love Hermione and Ron. Not just romantically, though there’s that as well, but as Harry’s friends. The books would not be the same without them. 

My goal is to finish reading all the books by the end of the summer. At this rate, I think I’ll be done by my birthday in August. Woohoo!


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