“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I am not 100% sure how well that works, or what that even means for that matter, but I am always so amazed at the challenges life seems to throw my way. Life is going great, everything is smooth sailing, and then BAM! I’m faced with a life-altering challenge. It happens every time. You’d think I would be used to it at this point, but for some reason, it always catches me by surprise. I make plans, think they’re great and all is going to happen as I plan, and ta-da! It doesn’t.

It is so discouraging. Sometimes I just want to give up on everything, stop trying so hard, and move on to something new. A new city. A new identity. A new life. A new everything. That would be nice. It seems like a great idea, at the moment, anyway. I say that now because things have been so hard, but in reality, I know that running away from my problems or pretending they don’t exist won’t solve anything. Life is difficult. But I guess that’s the point of living a good life. If there aren’t any challenges, how will I be able to appreciate the good, beautiful moments in my life? I need to remind myself this every day, lately more than ever before. If it were all lovely and easy at all times, would I complain that my life is predictable and boring? If I’m being totally honest with myself, yes, I would.

So yeah, life can really suck sometimes. There are times when I must have conversations I would rather avoid and make decisions that I dread, but c’est la vie, ain’t it? It’s all a bump in the long road that is life. Bumps are temporary. After all, le vie est belle. I have to remember that.


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