March was quite a busy month for me, which is why I haven’t posted anything on here in a few weeks. The first weekend of March, I went to visit J’s family. They only live an hour and a half away (by car) but since I don’t drive, I have to take the train which takes a good 3 hours, so whenever I visit, it’s almost like I’m traveling somewhere a lot farther. I offered to take care of his younger siblings for a day, and I was a bit nervous about that since I’d never really been alone with them. Fortunately, they are awesome kids and I had a lovely time spending the day with them! And I think they had a good time, too. Victory!

The weekend after that, I went to California on a business trip for a conference. I went from Thursday-Sunday. It was my first time on the west coast, and I really enjoyed being there. Of course, it helped that the weather was absolutely beautiful there while it was only 20 degrees in New York. I love New York, but that sunshine really won me over! Since I was there for work, I didn’t have much time to go many places, but I did walk through Downtown Disney and around the area, which was pretty cool. I also had In-N-Out burger, which was the only thing I really wanted to do while I was there, so I was happy about that!

Southern California!
Southern California!

The last weekend of March was my absolute favorite though. I went to visit J! I saw him two months ago for his graduation but it was so great to see him and spend some time together. The weekend went by way too quickly though. I’m so glad I was able to go. We needed that.

Visiting J!
Visiting J!

And on that Saturday night, my sister, Jenny , had her baby in Spain! She wasn’t due for another 2 weeks but Baby Rodrigo Jose was ready to be born already! He is so very precious and I am so excited to be an aunt again. #8! It never gets old. Now I just can’t wait till the day I get to meet him! Summer needs to get here already!

Baby RJ!
Baby RJ!

So that was my month of March. Traveling, visiting, adventures and a new baby. It was fun. Now here’s to April and the end of another school term! Because there’s still school to think about amongst all the fun. But I’ll save that topic for another time. For now, I’ll just look at the pictures from March and smile at the memories made.


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