Mother Knows Best

Over the last three years since I started college, there is one thing that I have learned: my mother knows everything, and she is always right. This, of course, can be pretty annoying sometimes, especially when I really want her to be wrong. Growing up, it always bothered me when Mom would say things like “You can’t hide anything from me. I always find out” or “I’ve lived a long time. I’ve seen it all.” Yet my ignorant self refused to believe it.

However, now that I am in a committed, adult relationship, I find myself turning to my mother for advice more frequently. And she always knows exactly what to say! I guess that’s what 36 years of marriage will do to a lady. Yet her words of wisdom aren’t limited to relationships. I can tell her about anything going on in my life, and regardless of what it is, she has the advice and remedy for it. Mom likes to remind me that “You are a French woman. You can’t give up so easily!” Sound advice…except my Frenchie-ness is a bit far up the family tree, Mom.

There are still times when Mom doesn’t know best, which is kind of nice too. After all, my ego can’t allow her to be right all the time! Maybe it’s because I’m finally growing up (haha!)but I’m really grateful I have my mother to turn to. The fact that she’s so wise is a lovely, additional bonus. I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I never thought I’d say it, or agree with that evil Mother Gothel from Tangled, but mother really does know best. I can only hope and pray to be as wise as her, and to be able to share Mom’s wisdom with my own daughter someday.


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