Feeling pretty accomplished over here

Growing up in New York City, driving has never been a priority for me. The subway is a block away from my house and right across the street from my job, so I didn’t think it was necessary to get my driver’s permit and learn how to drive. Granted, I do know how to drive. Mom taught me when I was 16, but despite that, after all these years, I still haven’t gotten my permit. And my driving is a bit rusty, to say the least.

Until today, that is. I finally got the courage to go to the DMV that is just two blocks away from my job, and I passed! I was so nervous! I have been studying that little permit test book for months now, and saying that I’m going to go for over a year, but today was the day!I didn’t tell anyone that I was going though. Only three of my coworkers knew, but I called my parents and told them about it as soon as I was out of there. They were super surprised! (Gee, thanks guys!) But to be honest, I was surprised, too. I didn’t think I’d pass and when the lady said that I did, I stood there like a dummy and asked her to repeat herself. Talk about embarrassing. 

I think my biggest motivation to go today out of all day’s is that my 21st birthday is just 16 days away, and I told myself in January that I had to get it before then, no questions asked. Also, my boyfriend, J, kept telling me I had to get it because he wants to help me practice for the driver’s test before he leaves to basic training for the NAVY in November. Isn’t he the sweetest? He still has no idea I got it. I’m saving the surprise for our date tonight!

So yeah, that was my accomplishment of the day! Or of the year, really. Wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but for someone who has a fear of being behind the wheel and having other people’s lives in my hands, its a huge deal! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I know I will!


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