We got a puppy, Max got a home

I was busy looking at the clock on Friday around noon, counting down the hours till I could leave the office when I got a phone call from my brother. “Mari, I found a puppy in a shopping cart in front of the supermarket. They’re giving him away.” He sounded excited, and it took a few seconds before I understood what he was trying to tell me. When I finally processed his words, I wasted no time. I called my sister, Ana, who then called my brother back. He told her where he was, and she went to meet him there. Three hours later, she called me back to tell me that she was giving the German shepherd puppy a bath. By that time, I couldn’t stay in the office a second more. I sprinted out of there, anxious to get home and meet the little furball.

Now, we didn’t just take this puppy from the shopping cart in front of the supermarket. We figured that he could have belonged to someone, who just left him there while they went into the store to get something. (Though any one who would just leave a puppy in a shopping cart like that doesn’t deserve to have a dog in the first place.) My brother asked the manager of the store if he knew who the dog belonged to, and the guy said that it was the store’s. Apparently, they had too many dogs already and couldn’t afford to keep this one. 

Anyway, when I finally get home, I find Ana and the puppy in our room. Not surprisingly, the poor thing is terrified. He’s laying quietly on the doggie bed that belongs to our 7 year old dog, Lola. She was in our house upstate with my parents, and wouldn’t meet him until later that night. Picking a name wasn’t too hard. We had two to choose from: Max or Zeus. After getting a good look at him, we decided Max suited him better.

I guess this is a good time to mention that my parents had no idea about our little rescue. They weren’t pleased when I finally got the courage to call them up and tell them the news, but Ana and I had figured they wouldn’t be happy about it.

Max remained quiet and nervous for the rest of the evening, refusing to drink or eat anything. However, when we arrived to our country house and he saw Lola, he became a different dog. He got up on his own for the first time and started walking around the house, wagging his tail. He drank some water, but he still didn’t want to eat. Since it was his first night and we felt bad for him, we let him sleep on the floor in our room, and he slept peacefully all night. 

Mom still wasn’t happy the next morning. Dad started warming up to him immediately though, as we had expected would be the case. By the end of the day, Mom had accepted the fact that having Max wasn’t such a bad idea after all, especially since Ana would be staying in the house for the rest of the summer.

We were worried that he could’ve been sick, but fortunately, he isn’t! Three days later, Max goes to his cage on his own, pees and poops outside (with the only an occasionally accident) and runs happily around the grass, chasing Lola, who still isn’t happy about having to share her humans with another four legged creature.

My parents actually like him now, and I’ve even caught Mom talking to him and petting him! That’s called progress, people! We just found that he is not even three months old, not five months like we had thought. He is happy, eats all the time, and chews on anything within two feet. He is already a member of the family.


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