April showers bring…

The groundhog was a bit off when he said spring would be coming early this year, but finally, after weeks of waiting, (and lots of complaining) spring is here! It was 78 degrees today in New York City, and hopefully, it will be staying that way. I don’t think I can handle another day of bundling up without going insane.

But now that the weather is warming up, every one is getting excited about summer and all the fun it brings.

I, for one, am having a love/hate relationship with this summer already, and it hasn’t even started (pathetic, I know). The reason for these conflicting feelings is that I don’t know what will be happening this summer. The only concrete thing so far is my sister’s wedding in June, which is a big deal. Other than that, I won’t know what I’ll be doing for another 3 weeks. I’ll either be taking 3 intense 6 week summer classes or working full time at an office. No fancy trip to a foreign country this year for me.

But I’m not complaining. I want to work or take classes. That’s my decision, and I’m glad I actually have a choice, because I know that regardless of which one I end up doing, I’ll be a step closer to accomplishing my goals.

Maybe what April really brings is hope. Hope that the summer will be as amazing as we have planned in our minds. Hope that we’ll have the greatest summer of our lives. Hope that we will be happy, even if only for a few months.

So with that said, I hope the next few months of waiting for summer vacation aren’t too excruciating and we all make it through finals week alive.

Oh, and hopefully those flowers start showing up soon. I could use some “natural beauty” in my life at the moment.


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