Finishing what I’ve started

In some point in every person’s life, a new project or idea is started. The first few days are great. There’s determination and excitement about what the results will be like at the end. Somewhere along the way, a struggle shows up, complicating everything and ruining all the perfect plans. Then, we give up.

Not everyone does this however. Some people are actually really good at finishing what they’ve started.

I, for one, am not that great. There have been too many occasions where I have started something, a new workout or craft, and just stopped trying halfway through. I couldn’t even complete an Instagram photo challenge of the month, and it was for the shortest month of the year! (February, in case you’re wondering) I also didn’t continue writing regular posts, like I said I would but I’m just going to blame that on life giving me no time to do so.

Things are changing for me though, at least in one situation. I have started writing a short story/ fanfiction series, which I post on wattpad. Maybe it’s because of all the great feedback I am getting from the few readers I have so far, but this is one thing I want to make sure I finish.

Maybe I’m only determined to finish it because I’ve gotten praised for it. Maybe things would be different if no one read it or told me anything about it. I’m sure I wouldn’t care so much about it, and would give up, like I usually do.

My point with all this is, maybe what we need to do when we start something new is figure out why we want to do it, and if it is actually worth it. Do I have the desire to complete it, or do I already know that I won’t finish it completely?

I’m provably the last person who should be talking about this, but now that I’ve found the motivation I need to finish the series, I believe that the next time I decide to try something new, I’m going to try all the way.

You may not finish what ever it is you started and that’s okay. I think the most important thing is having the desire to do it. It’s better than not wanting to do anything else at all! Everything else will hopefully just fall into place.

And now I’m off to finish reading that book I started last week and haven’t picked up since!


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