Beauty vs Beauty

It is a well known fact that most women care a lot about the way we look. While there are many women who don’t really care for makeup or anything normally associated with vanity, most do. From a young age, we start worrying about looking pretty, wearing beautiful clothes and wearing our hair in pretty styles. Until recently, I always thought of myself as someone who was not that vain. My parents, of course, think differently. Whenever my dad sees me doing my makeup, he always finds it necessary to remind me that “If you’re pretty, you don’t need makeup. If you’re ugly, you’re still going to be ugly so you shouldn’t even bother”. Harsh, but that’s my dad. Its tough love. The recent experience that made me realize the extent of my vanity was working with two interns who were from France. The company I was interning at is French, so naturally there is always a French intern present. The first intern I worked with, Laure*, was a pretty girl. She loved shopping and buying cute clothes, but as she told me, makeup was just too much work for her and she didn’t feel like putting it on everyday. She just didn’t find it necessary. Of course I agree with her. I know I don’t need to wear it everyday, but it has become a way of helping me feel good about myself. Pathetic, I know, but that’s the truth, at least for me. The second intern I worked with, Celine, was drop dead gorgeous. She was the type of girl who you see walking down the street and just can’t help but stare. And she doesn’t even wear any makeup! That’s when I realized how vain I am (as well as most of the American female population) After working with both these girls, I came to the conclusion that I need to stop depending on makeup to help me feel confident. I don’t need it. I won’t stop wearing it completely, but I am going to try wearing less and less every day. It’s time for me to embrace my natural beauty, even if isn’t as beautiful as I would like. But as my mom likes to say, “Beauty comes from within. If you have a beautiful heart, you’ll have a beautiful face”. Or something like that. And that is my wrinkle of the day! Here’s to makeup-less days and natural beauty! 


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