With the mind of children

My 3 nephews have been at my house for only 2 nights, yet in that short amount of time, they have reminded me of something I think of every time I spend time with them: Children, contrary to modern thinking, are very uncomplicated human beings. Sure, having a family is expensive and tiring, but when looked at through a certain perspective, pleasing kids is not that hard. Yesterday I decided to take a day off and take my nephews (Gabriel 8, Alex 7 and Justin 5) to the zoo. They were really looking forward to seeing the elephants and gorillas but unfortunately in order to see those magnificent creatures, you had to pay extra. And since their aunt is just a poor college student who can’t afford such a luxury right now, we weren’t able to see them. Luckily, the kids were okay with that. They were able to see other cool things like the giraffes and the bears. And they also got frozen icies when we got out of the zoo. They were all so exhausted, they fell asleep in the car. Although we were only there for a few hours, they were genuinely happy with the days adventures. When my dad got home that night, Justin was explaining everything we did at the zoo. He said we weren’t able to see the elephants because “we had to buy them”. This really made me smile. Their simplicity made me realize how much easier life would be if this is the attitude adults took on towards life. We want so many things and we fail to realize that what we have should be more than enough. I have my nephews as a reminder of that and even though they drive me crazy 90% of the time, I’m so glad I have the privilege of being their aunt. They’ll be with us for another week, so I’m sure I’ll learn another thing or two from them. And that is my wrinkle of the day. Stay young, my dearies.

Taken on our zoo day



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