Celebrity crushes/Fangirling

Sigh yes, I am guilty of this. Especially when it comes to The Wanted. Don’t even get me started on them! And it really is interesting how this works. Its normal for girls to be obsessed about certain celebrities and all but sometimes, if you’re anything like me, it makes life complicated for you. Seeing anything about your celebrity crush (particularly something about them with their significant other) reminds you of the small fact that you will never actually have them as your own. For me, Tumblr makes my love for the guys from The Wanted 1000 times worse. I just feel the need to reblog and heart anything about them! And my sister is even worse than me! We’re both currently in need of tumblr rehab because of our obsession. Although I’m a huge fan, fortunately I don’t think I’m capable of actually stalking any of my celebrity crushes. I mean, who wants to be THAT GIRL. If I ever do get the chance to meet any of the celebrities that I love (too many to mention them all), I probably won’t be very memorable but that’s okay with me. As long as I meet them, I’ll be good. But if I don’t meet any of them before I turn 30, then maybe I will turn into THAT GIRL. So here’s to hoping I meet them within the next 10 years! And that is my wrinkle of the day! Now I’m off to dream about guys I will never have. Good night!


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