Gossip girls

I should probably take this time to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog will mostly be of things that I already knew but was reminded of throughout the day. Like today’s topic: gossip and women- or as I like to call them: Gossip Girls. It is well known that women love talking. The amount of jokes that exist about this minor detail of womanhood is impressive-and if I could say so myself, these jokes are actually pretty funny. Google “Jokes about women talking too much”. You won’t even have to finish writing the whole sentence and it will come up on its own! I was reminded of this today as I was walking in the city. I overheard so many conversations among groups of women that were all alike-basically “He said, She said…blah blah blah”. And of course, the male conversations that I heard were not surprising. They were generally about food and/or the game from last night (don’t ask me which one though, I have no idea). I just found it so funny how different men and women’s conversations are. It really does seem like we’re two different species sometimes. Also, I know this post sucks more than usual today, but I have 2 best friends who are talking about tumblr like psychopaths next to me and 2 finals tomorrow that I haven’t even started studying for. So please forgive me for tonight. And that is my wrinkle of the day! Buon notte!!


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