Am I the only one not working out?

Lately, it seems as if all my friends are working out and getting back into shape. This is great for them, but it definitely has made me feel self-conscious of my lack of exercise. In fact, instead of working out like everyone else, I feel like if I’ve picked up some bad eating habits.  Between school and work, I am now eating at odd hours and am not keeping a steady diet. Even if I wanted to though, I wouldn’t be able to work out on a regular basis because I literally have no time left in my day. Working out isn’t something I want to do during the few hours of homework/relaxing/family time I have at night. There’s just no way for me to fit it into my schedule and continue doing everything I am doing. Many may argue that I’m still young and it’s not like I’m overweight, so this isn’t something I should be worried about. But I am worried about it. Sure, right now I may be considered of average weight, but what will I be like 2 years from now? 5 years? Or better yet, what’s going to happen to me when I get pregnant?! (which I know is in the very, VERY distant future, still!). So between my friends getting ready for the summer sun and my quirky diet, I can admit that for the past couple of weeks, I was in a funk. Until this morning. As I was on my way up the escalator to my class on the 7th floor, I had an “aha moment”. I realized that I don’t need to make time to work out. In fact, I don’t even need to go to an actual gym! I noticed that I am surrounded with the opportunity to do some sort of exercise, whether its walking all the way up those stupid long stairs at Lexington Avenue, taking the stairs up to the 7th floor (that WILL start happening eventually!), or even just power walking wherever I’m headed to. I mean, I live in New York. This place is a jungle! Why not take advantage of the small chances that I can get to do something good for myself? And sure, I realize that those minimal things don’t necessarily make up for an hour at the gym, but I am not going to kid myself and say I’m going to start working out on a daily basis, because I know I won’t do it for more than a week. Heck, I probably wouldn’t even do it for 3 days straight! So while I’m happy for my friends and their current working out phase in life, I’ve decided to be content with what I can do for myself without stressing out about it. I know its a small step and does not seem like much, but its something that I can do that I am sure will help me feel better about myself. So from now on, I am a stairs lady! Pretty soon, I’ll be THE StairMaster! Alright, that was lame. Even for me! Anyways, I hope I can find other ways besides stairs and power walking to get a work out throughout the craziness that is my life!!


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