The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Yesterday was the first day of December. It is now officially Christmas season. Radio stations are playing holiday music, coffeeshops are serving christmasy drinks and stores are working extra hard to make sure everyone gets what their customers want. It is the most wonderful time of year! I love Christmas. Everything about it just makes me feel so happy and grateful for everything I have. But realistically, it seems as if the world has lost the true spirit of Christmas. The holidays have become more of a commercial thing than anything else. People even go so far as to inflict physically damage on each other while shopping, just to get an item for a cheaper price! Is it really necessary though? Should the most wonderful time of the year be so stressful? I don’t think so. I wish everyone would just realize how much more to Christmas there is besides the material, superficial things. It’s time we make the words “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” a reality, and not just something we don’t really believe in!


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